When should the death penalty be applied?

By Sandrea:- MY OPINION

For many years I have been an anti-death penalty advocate because I could not see the justification of the state committing murder albeit legally.  I believed that it would be better to put a person in prison for the rest of their natural life when they commit crimes against humanity that society deemed heinous.

However, my position on the death penalty have begin to wane on a daily basis as the crimes that are being committed against individuals within our society has gotten to the point where the only way to address these crimes effectively is to take away the lives of those who deemed it fit to take the life of others.

I can imagine that you are wondering why I am ranting on like this, so let me get to the point.  Recently China Arnold, 31, was convicted of aggravated murder in the death of 28-day-old Paris Talley in August 2005.

It came out in the trial that she put the baby in a microwave switched the microwave on where the baby died of heat exhaustion in fact the baby was cooked.  What level of depravity could cause a mother, after carrying a child for 40 weeks; experience the pain of the birth to get to a stage whereby they would commit such a despicable and inhumane act.

Even if as been alleged she had a fight with her boyfriend why would she take her frustration out on a defenceless child who’s only misfortune was to be born to a monster.

You can understand why I was ranting on at the beginning of this diatribe, because I believe that she should be put to death and she should die in the same way in which that baby dies.  I believe the state should put her in an oven and switch it on see how she would like to be cooked.

I am so angry, all my children are adults and they are quite capable of taking care of themselves yet when anyone of my children is ill I want to take the illness from them, I want to bear their pain and it tears me apart when they suffer in anyway.  I believe that the majority of decent mother will be appalled and rightly so to think that there are so many people in the world that cannot, for reason sometimes unknown that are unable to bear a child. Spend millions just trying to conceive and then there are those who have children ‘willy nilly’ only to murder them.

The comment that the prosecutor made to the juror in closing arguments that “Baby Paris is without life, but she’s not without a voice, “Please listen to her.” I could not agree with him more and I am really please that those jurors listen and found her guilty of the disgraceful act that she has perpetrated on an innocent child that could not defend herself against the monster that she got for a mother.

I hope that she is given the death penalty and that her sentence is not left for years on end but that justice for ‘baby Paris’ is carried out with the utmost speed.  Hopefully it will make these unfit mothers think twice before they commit unspeakable crimes against their children.

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