When Friendship becomes obsession

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By Sandrea: – MY OPINION

There is something in life worth fighting for and others that you should just push aside and let it die a natural death.

Friendship is a very important aspect of one’s life but one has to differentiate when there is genuine friendship and when obsession takes over, and when obsession becomes too much of the focal point then something needs to be done about it.  Equally, if you have a friend and they cannot or will not expect to hear the truth from you then something is also wrong with that situation.

Recently, I had a friend and this individual would literally do everything that I do, it would appear as if this person is brain-dead, not making decision unless I would make a move and it got so much to me, not only would they not make a decision about their lives, but they would continuously nagged the hell out of me with the problem and it really got to me.

Before I go further and  tell you the whole story let me digress and tell you about a little problem call menopause, for most women that is going through this phase of their life it is hell on earth, you are rob of the ability to rationalised information the least thing said can send you off into a frenzy and especially if someone continues to push certain buttons that activate aspect of your personality that you would not image that you could have, in fact it is like ‘red rag’ to a bull.  I was experiencing one of those moment and this individual decided that this was the time they were going to push my buttons.

I when into a rage and began to say things that I really want to tell them but in a calm and mild manner I would have bitten my tongue, but in that moment I could not careless and so I told them in no uncertain way, that the way, that they continue to copy everything that I do is the way they lived their life, and they did not believe it was funny, and take exceptions to be told the truth.  Although I may have been going through that episode, it was the truth.

Friendship is about being a there for each other, it is not suppose to be about obsessions in that everything that you do your friend copy it, otherwise there is no variety within the friendship and this become an unnatural relationship and an end should be put to this kind of relationship. On the other hand, if you are friends with someone then they should be open to be told the truth even if the truth hurts because it is the only way that one can move on with their live.

If your friends was going to commit suicide and you knew about it you would not tell them to go ahead because it is their decision, you would try every way to talk them out of it and the same goes if your friends is living a life that is unhealthy and unnatural it is your duty to point out the pitfalls to them and they should be able to discuss this with you rationally and if they blow their top because you are being honest and up front with them then there were no friendship there, especially when they them come whining about their situation.


  • Be careful who you choose as friends because your enemy can not hurt you it is the people who are close to you, especially those that you call friends that are the lethal ones.
  • If your friend start become obsessed, doing the thing you do not having a mind of their own then it is time to evaluate the friendship
  • If they constantly nagged you about their relationship, do not follow your advice, but come back time after time to nag you with the same boring problems then it is also time to re-evaluate.
  • Friendship is about leaning on each other not one person dominating the life of another.
  • Choose your friends carefully, or you could end up with a monster

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