What as happen to the human race?

MYGRIPE FOR TODAY: written by Sandrea

The news for the last few days has been so depressing.  I find myself crying more and more these days as the heart rending  stories upon stories arose and my feelings that I cannot do anything to make  the world  a better place.  For example:

1. CHILDREN:  I could not stop the tears from falling when I read of the shooting dead of a five year old girl, in Jamaica.  But before those tears could stop another five year old is dead this time with his throat cut.  I am beginning to wonder what level  does one as to go to be able to commit these evil deeds.  I now firmly believe that Satan (the Devil) really exists because these act are truly evil and for anyone to be able to undertake them they must be possess with an evil so deep.  I cannot begin to imagine the pain and suffering that the families of these two children must be going through.  I can only give them my deepest sympathy and pray they have the courage and grace to face these trial times.

2. GUNS:  There is a saying “guns do not kill people, people do”.  That maybe the case. However, when I read a story that a small island like Jamaica  has  over 268 gangs operating there and more than 550 people lost their lives since the start of this year, makes me cringe.  How could such  a beautiful island with it’s white beaches, historic building, fantastic country-side and loving people, ended up as one of the worst place on the planet.

3. CARTOON:  The above cartoon seems to be suggesting that the Jamaican government knows where all the guns are coming from.  However, in my opinion, it is so easy to lay blame for the problems affecting Jamaica at the door-step of another country.  Yes, they may have something to do with it, but we cannot continue to push aside our responsibilities to improve the standard of the citizens of  Jamaica by laying the blame somewhere else.

SPORT:  I believe we have argueable one of the best sportsman of all time, (Usain Bolt) to come out of Jamaica for as long as I can remember.  When he runs Jamaicans everywhere get a sense of pride that cannot be describe.  Then suddenly we are  brought back to reality when an head-line remind us of the crime wave that is destroying such a beautiful place.

There was a time when the many Jamaicans living overseas could talk about nothing else but going back to “yard”  (returning to Jamaica), these days that sense of pride as all but vanish because of the violence on the Island.   I am so angry, at time I feel like I am about to explode.  Having been to Jamaica on several occasion, seeing the beauty, watching the smiling face of Jamaicans, I cannot help but get furious when I see these negative head-lines.

Jamaicans and their Government must do everything in their power to reclaim back this piece of paradise.  They must unite and drive the undesirable out of the country or catch the major players of crime, shut them down, send them to prison, and demonstrate to, not just Jamaicans, but the world that they have the will to reclaim the island from the drugs infested criminal.

I hope in my life time to once again see a country that I can be proud of, see a country that ensure that it’s security forces are free from corruption, a country that it’s people can live in peace and harmony, a country that flourish with pride and decency for all it’s inhabitants.  I hope to see a country where it’s motto “out of many, one people” is once again the norm.

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