Violence in London, the question now is WHY?

By Sandrea:- MY OPINION

The violence that the people of Tottenham, witness on Saturday is a painful reminder of the violence that erupt during the eighties in Brixton.  These kinds of violence cannot be allowed to happen, not on the street of London.

Mr Duggan may have been involved in gun crimes and may have even had in his position a gun however, he was someone son, father, brother and friend. Therefore, when he was gunned down by the police it was natural that is family would require answers as to the reason that he had to die by the hands of the police.

In the absent of answers no wonder innuendos and speculation run rife and in those circumstances individuals of a criminal nature will, of course, hijack the peaceful demonstration that is family were undertaking and turn it into the riot that has been witness not only by the community of Tottenham but the rest of the world.

As parents we sometimes have children that we are not too proud of because of their behaviour, but no matter how deplorable our children may be they still remain our children and we do not wish to see them murder by anyone and I am sure that was the feeling of the parents and family of Mr Duggan.

There are so many questions that needs answer and they need to be address as a matter of urgency in order to prevent this unfortunate episode from escalating any further.  This kind of violent confrontation is no good for the community or the police service and we need to do something and fast in order that there are systems in place to ensure that when the police shoot and fatally injure anyone then the families are made aware of the situation and why it happen.

Following the violence in Tottenham, there was a fracas in Brixton where member of the police service and public was injure and this kind of spillage into different areas is precisely why it is very important that we do not allow these kind of incident to spill over.

The Independent Complaints Commission needs to get answers fast to allay the fears of the public and ensure that there is not a continuance of this deplorable action by members of the public.

Every time that these kinds of street violence occurs it leave buildings and personal property damages in the millions and take years to put back trust between the police and the public.  The hard working beat officers that have spend their time trying to work with the community and develop trust simple disappear in the blink of an eye because of an incident that they have no control over.

Since the incident on the Broad water farm estate which see the death of PC Blakelock, it has taken many years for the people of Tottenham to even begin to have any faith in the police and trust that they will undertake their duties conscientiously and with regard for the community and this has been wipe away in a single night because of the shooting of Mr Duggan.

I hope that the ICC will investigate this incident and that there will be no cover-up and the family of Mr Dugan with get the answers they so urgently require and where there is a breakdown ofcommunication the ICC will ensure that procedures are put into place and if there are break in the rules that the individual involved with be prosecuted.

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