Vicar tells churchgoers to swear more

Reverend Michael Land told his congregation at the St Mary the Virgin church in the village of Burghill, in western England, they should adopt bad language because it is how Jesus would have spoken, London’s Daily Telegraph reports.

The Church risked becoming out of touch with ordinary people if its clergy did not become “streetwise” and failed to use earthy language, he said.

“The church must be more streetwise and use language most people use today,” Rev. Land, who is retired but still preaches, said.

“People view Jesus through tinted spectacles and place him on a pedestal.

“The reality is that he was poor, lacked any real education and did not fraternize with Pharisees or scholars. People today would probably be quite shocked at the language he used at that time.”

Rev. Land, who moved to the area two years ago, spent 28 years trying to help drug addicts and gang members in deprived areas of London.

Members of his congregation expressed shock at his comments. One woman in her 80s said: “I must say I am more than a little surprised. Rev. Land takes the occasional service and I have never heard him swear in any of them but perhaps I will have to listen more carefully next time.”

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