‘Too many illegal guns!’ says Attorney General

ATTORNEY General Freundel Stuart says Barbados will be working further with regional neighbours to choke off the movement of illegal guns into this country.

“There are too many guns in the hands of the wrong people in this society. Too many guns, too many unlicensed firearms,” said Stuart while debating the Penal System Reform Bill for 2010.

“We know it is an incidence of the nefarious drug trade and managing the problem is one of the biggest challenges facing Ministers of national security across the Caribbean!” said the Deputy Prime Minister.

While speaking of more partnerships between regional security bodies, Stuart also stated that more counselling on the national level.
“We can’t throw up our hands in despair and we have to communicate to our young men the importance of being able to settle their disputes with reason and discussion and not with the use of these [illegal firearms]”.

The attorney general is also of the personal opinion that a fund should be set up to help those injured by such firearms.

“Even though we have this legislation we still need a fund to make some form of contribution to getting people’s lives back together after they have suffered serious injury from the criminal element”.

The Attorney General reiterated that the public needs to join with government and security services to stop the movement of illegal guns “because we don’t have to be the cause of offense we only have to be at the wrong place at the wrong time”.

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