The Elusive Mr Coke

Dudus - no address

The higgler and the gentleman, looking for ‘Dudus’

Hi there mr higgler, tell me have you seen ‘Dudus’.  Unfortunately, sir mi no know wey him deh.

Are your sure?, yes sir, Mr Coke has no address.  But I am told that he lives in Tivoli gardens, Tivoli Gardens.  Where is that?

Well sir, Tivoli Gardens is part of the Prime Minister constituency, so you better go asked the PM.

The PM is very busy, I do not think he will have time for me, or the time to answer my question.

Well the other alternatives that you have my good-man is to ASK THE AMERICANS.  They seems to know where everybody is.

Are you sure?  Yes sir, because they have their extradition order and mi cannot see how they have them extraditon order, if them no know where ‘Dudus live.

Alright , I am going to the  American Embassy, them must know where to  find ‘Dudus.  If them can’t tell me then the next best thing is to put an advert in a the missing section of the newspaper and maybe then I’ll  find ‘Dudus’.

If you seh so sah, good-luck to you, if you find him beg you keep it quiet, mi no want no war dung yah, mi have mi stall fi consider.

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