Teenager shot at US school

A GUNMAN has opened fire at an Indiana school before classes began, shooting a student in the stomach, US police say.

A 15-year-old classmate who had been suspended was taken into custody.  Police would not specifically say the student was a suspect in the attack, but said they believe there are no more suspects on the loose.

The 15-year-old has not been charged.  The teens both attend Martinsville West Middle School, about 50km south of Indianapolis, Sgt Curt Durnil said.  Police told WTHR-TV that the student in custody gave them information that led them to the gun used in the shooting.

The family of the 15-year-old wounded boy, Chance Jackson, said in a statement he was in stable condition after surgery at Methodist Hospital in Indianapolis.  One neighbour reported hearing two gunshots, but Martinsville Police Chief Jon Davis said he did not know how many times the victim was shot.

It was not immediately clear what prompted the shooting just after 7am, about 20 minutes before classes usually begin.  “We have no motive at all at this point. We’re talking to witnesses and schools officials to get to the bottom of it,” Sgt Durnil said.

WTHR-TV in Indianapolis said police believe the shooting stemmed from a dispute that started at a school dance last weekend.  “We’re still looking at all angles, to be sure,” Sgt Durnil said.

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