Racist who do they think they are?

The current YouTube video that depict a mother with a child in her arms hurling racist abuse towards fellow travellers on the tram, once again demonstrate that racism is still alive and kicking in the UK.

These individuals seems to forget that the majority of, especially blacks that they meet everyday are in fact people who are born in this country and have the right to be here and the right not to have abuse hurled at them from individuals with limited intelligence, because it is only ignorant people that deemed it necessary to be racist.

Racism cannot no longer be tolerated or be disguise as been frustration because of crime as crimes and criminal activities are undertaken by people of every race and creed.

Her abuse to these people about ‘going back where they came from’, where does she come from and who told her that she has more rights to be here than the individuals that she was hurling abuse at.

I am pleased that someone on that tram had the insight to video her ridiculous rant and upload it on You Tube for the world to see how ignorant and stupid she made herself look and equally pleased that the police deemed it necessary to arrest her and I hope that not only will she face charges and end up in prison but that her child is taken from her.

Her behaviour demonstrate that she does not have the ability to raise children in a multi-cultural society and if given the opportunity she will not be teaching her children how to behave in such a society but would be implanting racist and bigoted attitude to those children and in my opinion that would be cruel and detrimental to these kids.

If social services does not get involve they would be doing a great damage to these children and if there is a case that children or a child should be remove from a parent this is indeed one of those time.  Her behaviour was deplorable ranting, raving and swearing with a child in her arms, come on this is child abuse at it worse.

The outcome of her behaviour should be such that it would make any other mother think twice and that it is unacceptable to behave in such a way think twice before they undertake such uncalled for behaviour irrespective of what cause the problem in the first place.

It is important that individuals are aware that we now reside in an advance technological age and bad behaviour that would have gone unnoticed is no longer the case, with so much smart phones around people need to be careful what they say how they say it and the manner in which they conduct themselves.

Let us keep our eyes on the outcome of this case the outcome is going to be an experience.

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