The principal of a high school in St Thomas is being accused of having sexual relationships with his students , THE STAR has found out.

A source, who described herself as a ‘concerned parent’ and an employee of the school, said it was common knowledge at the institution that the principal was involved with students. She said teachers and other staff members of the school were trying to cover it up.

She told THE STAR of an incident in March this year, in which two female grade-11 students got into a fight, reportedly over the principal. She said the day before the fight, one girl had called the other to tell her that she was involved with the principal and would be dishing out a hearty beating the other day. It is alleged that the principal was made aware of the plans for a fight and reportedly called both girls and told them not to attend school. That warning, however, was not heeded and, as promised, there was a fight in the school library.

parental duty

The source said: “It is my duty not to turn a blind eye to this thing. Back in 2007, there was a girl who was walking and bragging about being with him as well. It was brought to his attention and all he said about it was that he would talk to her.”

THE STAR was also told that on one occasion, a female student was caught in a compromising position in the principal’s office during sports day. It is alleged that the child was caught “fixing her blouse” when someone walked into his office without knocking.

When THE STAR contacted the principal, he distanced himself from such practices and claims persons may put forward the allegations because he has good relationships with his students. He also claimed the allegations were new to him.

“I am a man of morals and I would never have a relationship with a student of mine. I am not the type of principal who acts as if I’m too much a superior being towards my kids so I always try to be as friendly as possible while maintaining a certain level of professionalism,” he said.

He continued: “Furthermore, who is this source? I would love to know who this source is because this is news to me.”

When asked about the incidents of girls fighting, he said students fight from time to time but he could not remember any recent incidents of girls fighting over a man.

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