Portia calls gunmen cowards

Portia Simpson Miller, president of the opposition People’s National Party (PNP), comforts Carmen Foreshaw the grandmother of five-year-old Christina Salmon who was shot and killed by rioting thugs during last Thursday’s demonstration in Glendevon.

MONTEGO BAY, St James — Opposition Leader Portia Simpson Miller, yesterday visited the father and sister of the late Christina Salmon, 5, who was shot dead on Thursday during a fiery demonstration along the Felicity Road, Glendevon.

“It is really very sad to see the little girl lying there, not because of any natural cause but because somebody feels that they have the right to do something like this. And whoever did it are cowards. Only cowards behave this way. Why don’t they put down the gun then and challenge anybody they want to challenge?” said Simpson Miller after leaving the Cornwall Regional Hospital (CRH).

“I am shocked, sad, dismayed…. but I will not give up faith. I believe that the majority of Jamaicans are good, honest people. I know we can turn the country around,” she said.

Thugs, rioting over the police shooting of two men from the community, shot up the car in which Salmon was transporting his daughters to school, killing Christiana and injuring her nine-year old sister and father.

In spite of the injuries, Salmon drove the car to the CRH where Christina was pronounced dead while he and his other daughter were admitted.

Simpson Miller yesterday praised the staff of the Cornwall Regional Hospital for their handling of the overwhelming number of cases of injuries.

To the gunmen she said:

“You cannot hide from the Lord of lords and the King of Kings. You cannot hide from the Almighty God and I make a special appeal to you because there is another way, a different way a better way. I beg of you in the name of God Almighty and in the name of Jamaica do not destroy this country and rob the country of a brighter and better future. Please I beg of you”.

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