Police gun down knife wielding man

POLICE officers fatally gunned down a knife-wielding man outside his New York apartment early yesterday in a shooting that touched off tensions in his neighborhood, police and witnesses said.

It was the second police-involved shooting in as many days.

Emmanuel Paulino, 24, was shot multiple times at close range outside his home in a Manhattan neighborhood after police spotted him in a heated argument with his girlfriend shortly after 5.30am, witnesses said.  “Stay out of my business!” Paulino yelled at approaching officers, according to several witnesses.

One neighbor said officers told him to drop his knife before they opened fire.  Paulino was rushed to a nearby hospital, where he was pronounced dead, police said.  Police, family and friends described Paulino as having emotional problems. A family friend said he suffered from depression that was compounded by his unemployed status.

There were varying accounts on the circumstances of the shooting, which neighbors said occurred in the aftermath of a nearby house party.

Police said they were responding to a report of a man shouting that he wanted to shoot a policeman.  Arriving officers claimed they Tasered the man, who only laughed and turned on them with his four-inch survival knife, authorities said. At that point, two officers responded with gunfire, shooting a total of nine times.

Several friends and family members said police were too quick to resort to gunfire.  “No one even gave the kid a chance,” said Alex Candalerio, 27, Paulino’s cousin.  He also insisted that “no one used a Taser.”  Police said the shooting is under investigation.

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