Pensioner who left hoax bomb outside a Pembroke Dock dental practice sentenced

Peter Henry McShane, 84, admitted planting a hoax bomb  outside a Pembroke Dock dentist surgeryA pensioner who terrorised his local dentists after a row over a bill – including planting a hoax bomb on the doorstep of their surgery – has narrowly escaped a jail sentence.

Peter McShane, aged 84, glued the locks at the Bush Street Dental Surgery in Pembroke Dock, sprayed the building with black paint, stole a plaque and planted the “bomb” after he was charged £183 for dental work in 2007.  Although the bill was eventually settled by the NHS, McShane was still aggrieved and set about “getting his own back.” Swansea crown court heard how the campaign came to a head on February 14 when a man noticed a 40 inch by eight inch box wrapped in a black bin liner left on the steps of the surgery.

Wires could be seen protruding from the box and police could hear a ticking noise, said Gwilym Roberts-Harry, prosecuting. Surrounding streets were closed off and homes evacuated. An Army Bomb disposal team blew up the device. CCTV cameras had caught an image of the man who had planted the “bomb” and when police showed the images to local people they identified McShane, of nearby Ettrick House, Law Street, Pembroke Dock.

After his arrest McShane admitted being responsible for a series of acts of vandalism against the surgery, as well as a similar  campaign against his own tenants who rented flats from him in Ettrick House. McShane had tried to make them contribute towards the cost of a new roof and when they refused he glued the locks to one of the flats and damaged another tenant’s car.

Mr Roberts-Harry said after a row with a local newsagent he also glued the locks to his premises. When police searched his home they found eight tubes of superglue and a glue gun. McShane also admitted burgling one of the flats 10 years ago and stealing four radiators. McShane admitted causing the bomb hoax, six offences of criminal damage and one of burglary.

His barrister, Georgina Buckley, said, “He is now extremely remorseful. He had not fully appreciated what he was doing. Now, he is shocked by his behaviour.” Judge Keith Thomas said McShane was a vindictive man “determined to get his own back on people who had upset him.” He added: “In this day and age a bomb hoax is bound to be taken seriously by the authorities.

“You had a grievance against the dental practice. You caused disruption to the general public and the bomb squad had to be called in.” Judge Thomas said only a prison sentence could be justified but because of McShane’s age he would suspend it. But he warned him that if he continued to commit offences the courts would have no option but to send him into custody. McShane was jailed for 34 weeks, suspended for 12 months. He was also placed under supervision for 12 months, banned indefinitely from going to the dental surgery and made the subject of an 8pm to 8am curfew for the next three months.

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  1. This goes to show that even the elderly csn get so frustrated that they resort to stupid pranks. At 84, he does not really care about what people say, he has the Victor Meldrew syndrone, complains, complains.

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