Our Global Shame: Modern Day Slavery – My gripe for today

By Sandrea: UP-DATED

On this Mothers day let me draw your attention to the plight of these children.  Please, let’s do we can to help break them free from their bondage.  Let this mother’s day account for something.  I am willing to support the organisation/s that is taking up the mantle for these people, will you?

As I was trying to find something to gripe about to day, I felt the recent election was such  farce that I could not really get emotional about the subject.  I happen to come across a story regarding children and young people who are in prison in Iraq and the struggle they were going through.

I  happen to look on You Tube and the video below caught my eyes.  As I write this there is tears streaming down my face.

My fore-father were slaves and although I did not live in that era, as a student of history I am well aware of the devastation of what slavery has done to them and the fight they had to undertake to free themselves.  Even after so many century there are still fall-out of slave mental amongst people that have been enslaved.  To-date we still have to live with mental segregation, in that even in Jamaica where the majority of people are black the murder rate is so high. People are murdered because of their political beliefs, drugs, the areas of the country they are from.  This has caused me great concern over the years because I believe that the behaviour that as been displayed by these individuals are remnants of the slavery mentality, – I could be wrong, but that’s my believe.

This video brings it all back to me.  Why do human beings have the propensity to be so vile?  How could any normal person inflict this kind of harm to another?  How could we find it so easily to destroyed the dignity of one another, and steal the innocent of children makes me want to vomit.

“‘Consenting to slavery is a sacrilegious breach of trust, as offensive in the sight of God as it is derogatory from our honor or interest of happiness.”  John Adams (1735 – 1826)

If one of us is enslaved, the human race cannot truly be free.  How true that is we need to do something to stop this, for God-sake this is the 21st century.  How long is it going to take to eradicate this type of behaviour – WE MUST DO SOMETHING – IN THE NAME OF DECENCY TO STOP THIS HUMAN SUFFERING!!!

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