Fathers where are thou?

Coming into the final hours of Mother’s day I believe it is appropriate to once again re-post this thread and hope that the father’s out there that falls into this category will start to come into line with good dads out-there

This is causing my blood to boil over like the eruption of a volcano.

Firstly, before I go completely mental, I would love to congratulate all the fathers out there who have taken parenthood seriously and will do whatever it takes to ensure they are in their children lives.  Either by the fact they are  in marriages, co-habiting or just been there, respect.

Now where does some  these men get off going around fathering children knowing that they are not going to stick around and be responsible for there kids.

I am astonished at the number of absentee  fathers. According to statistics they are 24.7 million, 36% of children live away from their fathers.  17 million, 25% living with their mothers and a staggering 1.25 million or 32% were born out of wedlock.

Considering those stats, is it any wonder that society is the way it is.  How can this be?   Children are our future and yet we are not giving them the right start they need in life .

Now that I am done with those worthless fathers, I am turning to the mothers.

I cannot for the life of me understand why women continue to pick-up these dead-beat men and then constantly have children for them.  The vast majority of women knew right off the bat that the man has other children and they know in 9 out of 10 times he’s not providing financial or emotional support for those children and yet they still go and add more children in the mix, there is nothing worse than that.

If  the man is not bothering to look after the 8 or 9 he already has with the 5 or 6 baby mother what in the name of God do the new woman believe is going to happen.  As the saying goes “it takes two to tango”, and women can ensure that we stop the trend of fatherless children.  If you are unsure about the relationship protect yourself.   It does not take Einstein to work out that if you meet a man and he already has 5 or 6 kids with different mothers,  then he’s not a keeper.  Have your fun but do not bring children into this world unless you know that the father or mother is going to stick around and raise them the way it should be.

The more we destroy the family unit the more unstable children we put into this world.  Children that are easily led, children easily brain-washed and before we knew it we ended up with children who grow up and believe it is acceptable to rob, murder, rape and destroy others lives.  Let us start to draw a line underneath this now and begin to take responsibility for the children we bring into this world.

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  1. Why we as woman always blame these worthless man that call them self father, we as woman as to take some blame for our part in this, because we know these man we pick up is no good for us and yet we go out and have children for them. as a single woman with no kid you meet a man that tells you that he got 5 kids with five different woman and with the same breathe he tell you that he like you and would like to get to know u’ instad u tell him to take a hike and try to go work it out with one of his baby mother and make a life four his children that he got we incourage the foolishness by giving out number the next thing is you started to date and by 5 months u found out you pregnant and then all the problem start. you cant get him when you call him anymore the lame excuse them started to come, phone start switch off, and next thing you know u get phone call asking you why are you calling my man and she not even profile in the other six baby mother. what did u expect from that relationship he his 35 yrs old with six babymother. we as woman needs to values our self, look for better for ourself and stop sleeping with these man that tells you that he is in a relationship stop helping them living this immorality too many children with no proper daddies, and why? because we are sleeping with them knowing they got kids they’re not looking after,and live at house with woman are wife so we are telling them thats it is ok to do wrong. so tell me now how can you blame them whem we incourage it.

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