No surprise – Lockerbie bombing!!

By Sandrea:-MY OPINION

The recent revelation by the former Libyan justice minister where he claimed that he has proof that Gaddafi personally ordered the Lockerbie bombing will come as no surprise to the people who have lost their loved ones in this heinous of crime. The enormity of the crime committed against those 243 people was such that it would have taken a blind man not to realise that this evil deed could not have been undertaken without the express knowledge and consent of someone higher than those that plant the bomb, the foot soldier only carried out the deed has was given to them by their commander.

Although, majority of individuals knew that Gaddafi played a major role in the deaths of these people, I give no credit to the so-called former minister who suddenly decides that his conscience is bothering him now and believe that he will get some redemption for confirming something that the vast majority of people already knew.  Where was he in the immediate aftermath of the atrocities? Why did he not break rank then and tell the world what he knew? Why does he wait until Libya is on the verge of destruction and he no longer holds his post to be willing to say what he knew?

The most frustrated thing for many of the people who lost their wives, husbands, children and friends when that Pan American flight blew apart over Lockerbie will be that the only person tried and convicted for that atrocity was released by the Scottish government, al-Megrahi was set free in 2009 on so-called compassionate grounds after it was alleged that he was diagnose with prostate cancer and had only three months to live, but hooray he is still alive and living in Libya.

Where was the compassion for the 243 people whose only crime was to board an aircraft to go home and see their families but never make it to their destination because of the callous deed of evil and the sanction of a dictator?

It make my blood boil when people like Gaddafi is allowed to get away with committing crimes against humanity and the international community does jack.  After all, they are still hunting Nazi war criminal over 50 years after the Second World War, so why can’t we bring to justice an individual like Gaddafi for the crimes that he has committed against others.

Gaddafi is not only a dictator he is a murderer and should pay for the crimes that he has commit against not just the people aboard that Pan American flight but against the decent citizens of Libya. I imagine that many people are awaiting the information from the so-called ex minister to see what the international community will do with that information.

Saddam Hussein was tried and hangs for crimes against humanity and he never, as far as one is aware blew any plane out of the sky killing the entire occupant, so if we can execute Saddam I cannot see the reasons for not doing the same thing to the likes of Gaddafi.

It was so plain and obvious that the person who orchestrate the Lockerbie bombing must have been Gaddafi that it defy logic for anyone to be surprised by the recent events that the ex minister unfold during his interview with the Swedish newspaper.  Who in their right mind could believe anything else?

I was astounded when Gaddafi decide to pay compensation to the relatives of the Lockerbie bombing, not only did he have their love ones killed but have the unmitigating gall to want to bride them with is blood money as if somehow this absolve him from the fact that he was the one who cost them to lose their lives in the first place.

The people of Libya should not rest until they have driven Gaddafi into oblivion, they must continue the wave of demonstrations that they have started and alleviate his grip on their country and as he as stated he would rather die trying to maintain his hold on the country then should he die he will certainly be no great loss to world and to humanity in general.  The world would be a better place without Gaddafi in it and sooner rather than later.

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