No resignation!

Bruce Golding

BRUCE Golding will not resign as prime minister of Jamaica.

Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) General Secretary Karl Samuda said Golding’s actions in the Manatt Phelps and Phillips affair do not “rise to the level that warrants a resignation”.

Samuda said the prime minister has not lied to the country. He said he, Samuda, knew all along that the prime minister had been the one to sanction the Manatt deal, but had not revealed this in the report he gave to Jamaicans weeks ago. He refused to say why.

“If we were in the position to do it again, we would adopt a different strategy,” Samuda said, addressing reporters in Ocho Rios today.

He said Government was challenging people to bring evidence that the Government and not the JLP hired the law firm to lobby the United States on the extradition matter involving Tivoli Gardens don Christopher ‘Dudus’ Coke.

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