‘Tarnished for life’

Political observers, business groups and at least one prominent human-rights activist have reacted with outrage to the decision of the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) to reject calls for the resignation of Prime Minister Bruce Golding.

Executive director of the human-rights group Jamaicans for Justice (JFJ), Dr Carolyn Gomes, yesterday said the Government should call it a day for echoing the rhetoric that placed the prime minister in trouble in the first place.

“I am blown away, I am deeply disappointed,” declared Gomes.

“It makes absolutely no sense – the disrespect to the Jamaican people, the claims that the matter was a simple misunderstanding, and the insistence that not telling the whole truth does not constitute a lie,” Gomes lamented.

“If the JLP, which is the governing party, is so lost in the forest that it is unable to comprehend the outrage of the people and the wrong done to the state, then perhaps it is more than the prime minister who needs to resign,” said an irate Gomes.

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