A retired minister of Religion has come forward to warn the nation that the drought now facing the country will continue unless a national day of fasting and prayer is held.

The minister, who is originally from Portland but now lives in Kingston, said he got a vision from the Lord instructing him to tell the people that the drought is punishment for the nation turning away from Him.

So serious is the pastor about spreading the message that he placed an advertisement in last Wednesday’s STAR, warning of the need for a change.

When contacted by THE STAR yesterday about his reason for the advertisement, the pastor refused to give his name as he said that he did not want any publicity, he just simply wanted to make the will of God known.

The ad said: “There shall be no consistent rain in the land, until my people return to me. The nation must be led by the Prime Minister and the Governor General in one day of fasting and prayer for rain. Then shall the land experience abundance of rain consistently.”

The pastor said back in the 1980s, when he was a young convert, he had received a vision about Hurricane Gilbert. He said, however, that because of fear of chastisement, he did not share it. He said: “I have lived with the guilt of Gilbert for many years now, I don’t want that to happen again.”

He continued: “This drought is a sign that the Lord is angry with the nation. The Lord is saying that as a nation we have ceased to worship Him and we are worshipping the dollar and other objects. We have turned our backs on God.”

The pastor said in order for things to return to normal, a national day of prayer and fasting must be organised by the authorities. “They are to lead the nation in a day of fasting and prayer. On that day, the city must be closed down and no business places must be opened,” he said.

The pastor told THE STAR that he knows that not everyone will take heed, but said if we are to get out of the drought, these instructions must be followed.

For almost one year, the island has been experiencing a persistent drought, which has reduced the water available in storage facilities to well below capacity. This has forced the implementation of water restrictions on customers of the National Water Commission. Farmers have also been badly affected as many have lost their crops.

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