News of the World, fall of a giant

By Sandrea: – My Opinion

As the News of the World print its last page and said goodbye they must be regretting the hacking episode and kicking themselves knowing that we take invasion into our privacy serious and that those who, regardless of who they believe they are, that breach our rights will eventually fall on their own sword.

It is unbelievable that a newspaper that have been in existence for so long should suddenly have to closed because they allow themselves purely to get sensational headlines to compromise their integrity in such ways that some will even find themselves possible imprisoned.
The public want and need news we need to know what is happening around us both in our own country and abroad.  However, we expect journalist to acquire information not only reputable but in a manner that does not compromise the privacy of citizen and delve into circumstances and situation that does not have real benefit to the general public.
Unfortunately, the incident with the News of the World left me thinking what else is happening in clandestine manner with other news gathering medium.
This is the twenty first century and we come to expect, rightly or wrongly that the people who are gathering and broadcasting information will do so in a conscientious manner and that we can trust that the information that they relay to us is not criminally obtained.  Well the News of the World has ensured that we cannot trust this information any more.
If has reported it is true that the News of the World operatives reportedly deleted some messages from the phone’s voicemail, giving the girl’s parents false hope that she was still alive, if this is proven correct then this is the most deplorable and outrageous behaviour for any individual to take.  At a time when these parents are out of their head with worry about their missing daughter to have unscrupulous people feeding them dud information raising their hopes knowing full well that their action were wrong, I say these individuals should not only apologise to the family but they should indeed go to prison.
On another more important note who was responsible at the News of the world to ensure that checks and balances were carried out in order that these dastardly deeds were never undertaken.  Are we to assume that the individuals involved in this stupidity did not have anyone supervising them, or asking question as to the legality of the information that they were passing to be published by the paper.
It would appear that this institution was incorrectly managed and it is no wonder that they are force to close shop.
This has put a dark mark on the integrity of the broadcasting media and it will take a very long time, irrespective of the outcome of this sage, for anyone to trust or to have faith in newspapers and their stories.  This is indeed a very sad day for journalist and Journalism.

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