My Gripe – Episcol Church to Ordain Lesbian Bishop

Well I never. Before anyone start to believe , or want to lynch me, I am not homophobic. I believe people should be allowed to be who they are.  This however, should not be forced upon the public. Ones, private life is one,s own, but when your private way of life can caused an outcry because it is thrush upon other then the time for making a constructive decision comes into play.

There may be no doubt that Mary Glasspool is a decent and caring human being.  However, her lifestyle is not conducive to many people and as such she should not be ordained as an assistant bishop, for that reason.

Where does the Church draw the line?  In the current climate of all the sexual scandals that have been plaguing the Catholic church, and the fall-out of that , are we now going to see other churches openly ordaining gay ministers.  A line must be drawn against these issues.

As far as I am aware, the very bible that this person his going to preach from, in fact Leviticus 18: verse 22 “Lie not with a man as one lies with a woman; It is an abomination”.  That equally applies to a female lying with another female in a sexual manner.  How can this woman then preach with any conviction, and believe the gospel, when she is breaking the very words that should govern the way in which she holds herself as advocate for God.

Like, I have already stated I am not homophobic, but I do believe if you are going to place yourself and your services within the public domain, especially in a christian manner then there are rules that should be obeyed.  I believe that what this woman is doing is saying that, although she wants to preach the word of God, part of the bible that does not support her way of life will be ignored.  This cannot be what Christianity is about.

If we cannot rely on the church to up-hold morals, then where is the morality going to come from.  I do believe, because of her lifestyle Mary Glasspool should not be ordained as an assistant bishop.

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