‘Black Mafia’ gang jailed for slashing man’s throat

Members of the “Black Mafia” gang who slashed a man’s throat at a 16th birthday party then glorified in their violence on YouTube today received heavy sentences at the Old Bailey.

The youths gatecrashed the celebrations at a south London house and knifed Dameon Phillips, 26. A rap video was later posted on YouTube boasting, in a reference to horror film Saw, how they left “a n***er on the floor with a seizure, there’s blood spilling like SAW…”

Police believe up to 17 thugs were involved in kicking down the front door and going on the rampage as guests fled in terror.

The court heard Mr Phillips was lucky to survive as the five- inch gash severed an artery. There was no known motive for the attack.

Eight youths were convicted of wounding with intent to cause grievous bodily harm and named for the first time: Lloyd Reid, Le-Reece Buchanan and Alexander O’Reilly, all 18; Malachi Berkeley, Alex Wheeler and Nico Spencer, all 17; and Nathan Sawyer and Jamoy Maxwell, both 16. All are from the Lewisham area.

The judge imposed 10-year sentences of detention on Wheeler, O’Reilly and Spencer, eight years on Reid and six years on Sawyer. The other three were given indeterminate sentences.

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