Woman had sex with 14-year-old boy

A WOMAN who twice had sex with a 14-year-old boy was not a predator but was motivated by a longing for love and security, a court has heard.

Kimberley Gale was 23 when she met the boy through a suburban football club, where she was a team manager, the Victorian County Court heard.

She drove the boy to school over several weeks during which she put her hand on his leg, told him he was “hot” and they should spend more time together, and he agreed.

They had sex twice at her home during a two-week period between March and June this year, and on the first occasion he received a late notice from school.

The boy’s mum became suspicious when Gale blamed traffic for her son being late.  Gale pleaded guilty to two counts of sexual penetration of a child under 16.

The court heard that between the first and second offences, she had admitted her actions were wrong.

Defence barrister Amy Wood said her client was not a predator of young boys but an emotionally immature woman who was longing to be loved.

Ms Wood said Gale had a horrific childhood in which she was tormented and abused by her brother and step-brother.

A psychologist’s report found the emotional neglect she suffered and the abuse caused deep sensitivities and her actions were motivated by a desire for love and security.

Ms Wood asked that Gale receive a wholly suspended sentence because she had a low risk of reoffending, had pleaded guilty early and had a clean record.

She said Gale had shown remorse and insight and had offered to pay for counselling for her victim and his mother, despite being financially strapped.

Ms Wood said Gale had lost her real estate job after being charged and was now working three jobs and funding her brother’s private school education.

She said her crimes were at the lower end of offending.

But prosecutor Susan Borg called for a jail term, saying a partly suspended sentence was within the range.

She said it was concerning that Gale was being portrayed as a “love-struck, doe-eyed girl” when in fact she was an adult who had had sex with a boy.

“She was expected to take him to school but instead took him to have sex in her home,” she said.
Ms Borg said Gale told police she had been “swept away”.

But the victim was “obviously struggling with what was happening” and cried when it was revealed.

Gale, 24, of Hillside, was remanded in custody pending a psychiatric assessment. She will be sentenced at a date to be fixed.

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