Love, Security – Hogwash

By Sandra:-MYGRIPE

What utter nonsense and pure excuse that Kimberley Gale came up with for her outrageous behaviour in sexually assaulting a 14 year old boy. She was in a position of trust and she is old enough to understand and know that having any kind of sexual relationship with an underage child is wrong.

She should have realise that if as she claimed she was longing for love and security then she should have pick on someone her own age, what possible love and security she believe that she could receive from a boy barely out of nappies. A boy that age, of course he is going to agree to spend time with her, of course he is going to be flattered than an older women is feigning interest in him, after all this is a teenage who would be going through changes to his body that he himself will find confusing and an older women interested, how could he resist such temptation.

I cannot understand how her Barrister can say that she is not a predator, she is an emotional and immature young lady, she is 23 years old for crying out loud, if she was not caught when she did, if the child mother was not has vigilant as she was, she would most likely still be abusing this child, and that made her a predator.  It did not just happen once and she realise that she had made a dreadful mistake she allowed herself to abuse this child twice, who know where she would have taken this abuse.

“Her crimes is at the lower end of offending” where do these Defence Barrister come from, would she be making such ridiculous statement if her child was at the end of the abuse, of course not, I find it appalling that a Barrister can made such a statement in justification of her client outlandish behaviour, if this abuse was undertaken by a male than they would be calling for him to be drawn and quarter, any kind of sexually abuse against a minor cannot be categorised as being at the lower end of offending.

I total agree with the prosecutor, in saying that “it was concerning that Gale was being portrayed as a “love-struck, doe-eyed girl” when in fact she was an adult who had sex with a boy. She should be given a custodial sentence for her crime.  Irrespective of what the Psychologist report might found stating that she was emotional neglect and suffered abuse herself, this make me less sympathetic to her, having been abused and tormented by her brother and step-bother she should know full well what that kind of abuse does to an individual so to turn around and abuse a child herself is disgraceful.

Psychiatrist will say that we cannot judge someone until we have gone through what they undergo, and in most cases I tend to agree, I am also one who find it difficult to be judgemental against another human being however, there are certain crime that I believe that no matter what circumstances you may find yourself in the abuse of children should be the one thing that every adult should know that is totally wrong and I cannot find the sympathy within me for these people.

To abuse a child is taking away their innocent, robbing them of the ability to made their own decision as to when they should get involved in a sexual relationship, it is making a child come to terms too fast with their own sexuality.

I find it difficult to understand why anyone would see Gale as a victim, she in my eyes is a predator, she cannot be classified as a victim and if they are going to use the abuse that she undergo by her family as a justification of her behaviour that is a rather poor justification, the same way in which she can decide to abuse a child the same way she could have seek professional help for the abuse that she bore and for her feelings of insecurity, loneliness, love and security. The abuse of a child is not going to send those feelings away, it may make her feel better in the moment, but they would always return and what was she going to do continue to have sex with 14-year old.

What Gale did is tantamount to having an addiction whether it is drugs or alcohol, drug addict will use drugs to make them feel better but the moment the drug wears off they have to get another fix and the same can be said of an alcoholic, the need to feel good about themselves is the reason they continue to take whatever drugs or continue to feed their addiction.

I hope she is given the help that she need, in order that she may emerge a better and stronger person and one with the knowledge that abusing children is not the right thing to do irrespective if you are a female it is still a taboo in our society.

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