China – Not Communism, it is Oppression

By Sandrea:-OPINION

The confinement of Liu Xia wife of the Nobel Peace Prize winner this year is not about communism it is about oppression.  China should be able to differentiate between the two.  Holding themselves up as a great communist country and then not practicing the concept of true communism is ridiculous.

Communism should be about the people, equality, justice, and the ability to treat ones citizen with equality.  However what China is doing to this lady cannot be classified as equality, they are oppressive with the intent to break not just her spirit but her husband that they have thrown in prison for subversion.

I cannot understand what are these people so afraid of that they believe that they have the right to dictate the way in which people live their lives, they are not allowed to criticise the regime, and if a government is that afraid that it has to subject it citizen to such archaic methods then eventually they will fall, China needs to realise that they can fool some of the people some of the times but they cannot fool all the people all the time.

How can China believe that the international community is going to view this kind of behaviour, the vast majority of people will look at communism as a monster and of course the founding fathers of communist certainly did not envisage that a system that they believe should be for the people in order to enriched their lives make each people as equal as the other would be turned into the monster that it has become, by individuals that are so afraid of their own shadows they believe that the only way in which they can govern is by oppression.

It seems to me that regimes that oppress it citizen have yet to learn that you can only oppress people for  a very short time and eventual they will take up arms.  China cannot want to play on the world stage if it continue to show such aggression against it own citizen.  They should be please that one of their citizens has won such a prestigious award like the Nobel Peace Prize.

I cannot understand the logic behind the fear that these regime have against its people in order that they believe that only way for them to retain power is by threats, aggression, oppression and fear, they still have not learned from the student uprising, they may have used their army and tanks to squash that uprising, but do they really want to see their country ending in blood-bath.  For a country with so much potential their ruler are quite weird.

In every society , every nation there are going to be individuals that do not believe the politics of the ruling party, they are going to have difference of opinion and those are what make a progressive country unique, the ability to understand that there are going to be differences, and an intelligent regime does not lock people in their home prevent them from going outside, stopping them from undertaking the normal and natural process of life, if you are intelligent then you use persuasion to accomplished you feat, not use the police to oppress, that is the making of backward and unintelligent individuals.

To say I am extremely disappointed in the way in which the China is treating this lady is putting it mildly and I am sure that there are many people who would say to China grow up you are behaving like bullies and eventually you are going to lose, you cannot treat human being in such a disgraceful manner and expect that no one will notice your cowardice.

What is China really afraid of from Liu Xia and her husband in order that they have thrown him jail and put her under house arrest, for the regime to have to resort to such tactics then they are aware that their policies are crap and that these two lowly people have the ability to change mind and hearts, however irrespective of how much they try to destroy these individuals there are always going to be free thinking individuals in Chinese society.

The decent thing for China to do is to allow Liu Xia to go about her daily life free from oppression and demonstrate to the international community that they are a progressive nation and not one that has emerge from out of Noah’s ark

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