My Gripe – Labour Leadership Rat Race

Gordon Brown defeat and subsequent resignation as leader of the Labour party, seems to leave a gap for the ensuing rat race that is about to be thrust upon the British public.

I cannot fathom why politicians can never do anything in a civilised manner.

When a situation arises where now there maybe two brothers jocking for the position of Leader of the Labour party, there are going to be mud slinging, irrespective of what they may say about ‘brotherly love’.  Politics seems to bring out the worse in people and when the stakes are very high this can easily blind-side people and normal decent people become like animals.

I believe that the forth-coming leadership contest within the Labour party his going to be a very nasty one.  I would hope that each contender would put the supporters and the party members before their own personal agenda.  Of course, someone must stand now to become the leader of the party, but what make two brothers want to be involve in that race?  If one want to become the leader the other should support him, not try to outdo each other.  In that process there are going to be harsh words spoken, harsh remarks made, there is no way to get away from these fact when politics is involve.

If the Miliband brother decide that they are both going to run for leader of the party, I hope they can do so in true sportsmanship, by declaring what they have to offer the party as leader, without mud slinging.  Let us have an effective leadership contest, whereby, whichever one is successful they can still have a brotherly bond and work together for the good of the party.


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