Mother’s Day without a mother

As TEENagers around the world make preparations for their mother on Mother’s Day, there exists many teens who have lost their mother. TEENage got the opportunity to sit down with 18-year-old Ann as she recalls the precious memories she has of her mother and family on this special day.

When I woke up on the morning of May 9th, looking back I would never have thought that I would not have a mother to celebrate Mother’s Day with.

Mother’s Day was always a special day for me. My siblings and I would always wake up in the morning and there was nothing there. There were no presents, nothing new, just a normal house on a normal day. My father would then retrieve the gifts from the car, while we distracted our mother in her bedroom. Then we would trick her into following us to the living room where her presents would be neatly laid out.

We hugged her; she kissed us (while evading it as much as possible) and wished her a Happy Mother’s Day. You could see the surprise and joy written all over her face.

During the course of the day, my father would cook and my siblings and I would clean the house, while trying to accomplish the almost impossible feat of not getting into trouble or quarrelling with each other. She would be resting and smiling a little extra that day. Always jovial and high spirited.

The day would always end with a nice family dinner, after which we would all catch a movie until one by one; we would all drift off to bed.

We were the perfect angels that made the perfect gift for the perfect mom on a perfect Mother’s Day.

While I sit in my bed and reminisce, I recall that even on days not dedicated to mothers around the world, my strict but loving mother was always around to do small but precious deeds in my life. I miss the way she would look out for our interests and how she always wanted the best for us. Overall, we were her main priorities.

As I remember all the things we would do for her on her special day, I have made the choice to not just appreciate what she has done for us only, but to instead celebrate her life, her existence, and her memories everyday of my life.

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