When truth is denied, chaos reigns

By Sandrea: – MY OPINION

As we read and see the carnage that Anders Behring Breivik unleashed upon the immigrants of Norway, one begins to wonder why these events occur.  What would make seemingly normal individuals undertake such deplorable, vile and vicious crimes?
I believe the answer is quite clear, and if one looks hard enough one can see that there are no super reasons for these crimes.  These crimes are committed by individuals who do not know the truth about immigrants and because they are denied the truth they believe that all immigrants are in their country, not only to take over, but to change their way of life.
It would appear that no one especially politicians have the guts are the ability to tell their fellow countrymen of the vast contributions that many immigrants have contribute to their country.  They seems only to harp on the negative aspect of what some fanatical immigrants have undertaken and the majority of decent immigrants who’s aims is purely to work and contribute to the country is conveniently swept under the carpet in order that come an election they can use the immigrants as a political football in order to gain the votes from their citizen.
How can anyone not see that with the lack of truthful information regarding immigrants there is no surprise that Anders Behring Breivik embark on the devastating behaviour that he has unleashed on Norway?  Mr Breivik blames immigrants for all the problems of not just Norway but Europe as a whole and he could find among the right wing extremists information to fuel is hatred for immigrants, because make no bones about it the right wing will endeavour to brainwashed anyone who they believe is willing to listen to their rhetoric and stupidity regarding immigrants.
No one is saying that there are not some immigrants that have cause problems in Europe and have done themselves or their fellow countrymen any good at all.  However, one cannot and should not allow a few idiots to taint the thousand of well intended immigrants, or to push aside the vast economic contribution that immigrants have made in Europe, United States, Canada and other developing countries.
Individuals constantly refer to Islam as the reason for their behaviour in targeting and murdering others.  The Islamic faith should not be on trial, because a few idiots within the faith that go out and undertake atrocities does not mean that the entire Islamic faith should be judge for the fanatical aspect of their group.  Yet ‘Right wing groups’ would prey upon this and use this as a motive for them to preach their hatred against others.
Freedom of speech is something that I hold dearly, however when the founding fathers created the notion they, I do not believe think that this was going to be used by right wing bigots to implant hatred in young impressionable minds.
Anders Behring Breivik, may have planted the bomb and gunned down these people, but what the authority need to explore is the reasons behind his actions and what part the right wings rhetoric played in him making the decisions to undertake such devastating actions.
Politicians needs to take a pro-active step in educating their citizen as to what and why there or immigrants in their country, tell the people the truth otherwise it is left up to the right wing fundamentalist to tell the people lies and half truth and that is a recipe for disaster as we have witness a week ago in Norway.

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