Angry MoBay residents continue protest

GRANVILLE, St James — Residents of Gordon’s Crescent continued their protest action today against Wednesday’s police killing of 18 year-old Christoph Robinson in the community.

“Wi not going to stop block it until wi get justice. A kill dem kill deh youth,” the residents told the Observer yesterday.

Police said that the teenager was killed in a shoot out with cops, while they were on an operation in the community on Wednesday. A gun, the police said, was recovered from him.

But the residents who began to block Gordon’s Crescent roadway with debris and lit fires in the community from early Thursday in protest against the police killing, are maintaining that the teenager was killed in cold blood.

“The police dem wicked, a murder dem murder mi pickney,” wailed Stephaine Robinson, the mother of the teenager.

The distraught mother told the Observer that about 10:00 am the teenager was sitting on his grandmother’s verandah, but went inside the house on the arrival of a police party in the area.

She said, her son who had two cellular phones in his hands was shortly afterwards confronted by the lawmen. “ They (the police) stopped, went inside the house and grab him up. They then tell him to run and him sey ‘Jesus Christ Officer don’t kill me’ and him run off and them shoot him,” said a teary-eyed Robinson.

Another of the protesters said she saw Christoph running and the police firing several shots at him.  According to the placard bearing residents, the teenager was shot several times in the face and feet.  The residents said they are calling for a high level probe in the incident, arguing that the teenager is innocent.  “ Him a nuh gunman; him a nuh thief, so why dem haffi kill him?” asked one of the protesting residents.

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