Mobile phone, brain tumours

 By Sandrea: – MY OPINION

The recent report regarding the link or lack thereof with respect to mobile phone and brain tumours in young children and adolescents in not really surprising to the general public.
Scientist seems to forget that we are fully aware that the mobile phone industry is a multi-billion corporation and none of the owners are going to accept that their product can cause any form of health issues.
We live in a world whereby we expect certain things to be at our finger tips and mobile phone is one such apparatus.  Most individuals own two are more mobile phone and as the various company vie for our money they produce more handsets which as consumer we are only too eager to purchase, as we all want the latest and best handset that is available.
It seems to me that scientist have this innate ability to see the general public as being stupid and believe they can feed us any old garbage and we will readily swallow it without question.  Unfortunately, this is a mistake that they have made far too often.
The greater majority of us are well aware of the fact that smoking can cause cancer and that cigarette is no good for us and yet millions continue to smoke irrespective of all the advertisement as to what can happen to us as smokers.  That is the same that goes for the mobile phone, we are fully aware that low levels of radiation going into our bodies is not recognise by the immune system and that it can eventually lead to severe illness, and yet we tolerate it.
Irrespective of this report that there is no link to brain tumours and the use of mobile phone, I personally believe that there is.  However, I cannot and would not be without my mobile phone and therefore, I accept the risk attached to their use.  Like any invention there is always some kind of risk attached.
I do not like condescending attitude from so-called scientist who thing that we are stupid.  Even if the report states that there is a link between mobile phone and brain tumours the public is not going to suddenly ditch their mobile phone.  Mobile phones are here to stay, they have become an important aspect of our daily lives and most of us cannot do without our mobile phone.  If there are risks attached to their use then most of us will see that as an acceptable one.
If we are going to live our life fearful of inventions then we would not use airplanes, drive cars, use the underground etc, as all are potentially dangerous to our health and yet millions of people around the world use these commodities without thinking about their health or even their lives.
I do not need a so-called report to tell me that mobile phone is safe when we are well aware of the fact that they can and may cause illness in some individuals depending and the frequency of the use by the users.
Mobile phone is one genie that has been let out of the bottle and no amount of report for or against it use is going to get that genie back into the bottle.  The best that we can do is to limit the use of our phone and ensure we limit the amount of time we keep mobile phone to our ear.

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