Militants blow up 11 NATO tankers, say police

MILITANTS in northwestern Pakistan blew up at least 11 tankers carrying fuel for NATO troops in neighbouring Afghanistan, killing four people, police said.

The rebels struck at a terminal on the outskirts of Peshawar, the capital of Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa province.

“More than two dozen militants entered the terminal and planted timed devices on 12 out of a total 18 fuel tankers parked at the terminal,” senior police official Imtiaz Shah said.

He reported that 11 tankers were blown u,p while the device planted on one of the vehicles did not explode. Militants also shot dead two guards and two drivers who resisted them.

“Those who attacked the terminal were all militants but we don’t know yet which group they belong to,” Shah said.

Another senior police official, Muhammad Ejaz, said the militants fled after blowing up the tankers.

No group has claimed responsibility but the Taliban has claimed such attacks in the past. The bulk of supplies and equipment required by foreign troops in Afghanistan are shipped through Pakistan.

Pakistan shut its main northwestern border crossing to NATO supply vehicles for 11 days in September last year after a cross-border NATO helicopter assault killed two Pakistani soldiers.

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