Marriage is about sharing love

JO in Phoenix said:

It saddens me when I hear women complain that men don’t do their fair share around the home. When a woman says, “He didn’t put the toilet seat down,” I want to ask, “Did you put it back up for him?” When a woman says, “He didn’t pick up his dishes,” I want to ask, “Did you clean up the oil spot your car left in the garage?”

I believe marriage is a personal relationship between two loving people, not an opportunity to complain to others about perceived abuses.

During the 40 years my husband and I have been married, we both worked and managed to raise three productive members of society. We have a tacit agreement. Each of us does absolutely everything possible to keep the home running smoothly, never tallying and setting up balance sheets. Out of love, each of us does whatever improves our common good, and both of us find reason for daily surprises as we receive in kind from the other.

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