Mango thumb a sign of the times

A mango tree which has been in existence for over 20 years, recently produced a peculiar shaped fruit that has its owner puzzled.

The mango fell from a tree in the Pembrook Hall community two weeks ago and has been preserved ever since through refrigeration.

The owner of the tree told THE WEEKEND STAR that the fruit which she described as a ‘mango with a thumb’ was an example of ‘signs and wonders’.

She spoke with amazement as she explained that the mango fell from the tree and the thumb remained intact. She said that she has been showcasing the mango ever since to everyone around her and they all agree that its very unusual. When asked what are her plans for the mango? She replied that she will continue preserving it in her refrigerator until December, when her relatives abroad are expected to return to Jamaica
for a family gathering. She said after that, “someone will eat it, but not me”.

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