London needs a girl like Rihanna

London hasn’t had the best of times recently as far as divas are concerned, with Whitney Houston having more than a problem or two at her O2 shows. But fear not, for there is a diva heading in this direction who is tearing her way through Europe with a gig that definitely won’t have people leaving early.

Rihanna, still only 22, delivered a high-energy show in Paris spanning her four albums, featuring elaborate sets and costumes that would make Lady Gaga envious.

The young Barbadian has an impressive back catalogue to choose from on her Last Girl On Earth tour, strutting around a car wreck for Shut Up And Drive before straddling the cannon of a pink tank and writhing between dancers dressed as monsters for Disturbia.

She was a little stiff from a rib injury, but the odd drop of the shoulder and swing of the hips gave a glimpse of what she will be capable of when fully fit. Her vocals put Whitney to shame on Hate That I Love You and Rehab, before she switched things up a gear after a brief break for a costume change.

Please Don’t Stop The Music, SOS and Take A Bow got the French crowd jumping before a medley encore finishing with Umbrella made sure everyone was there until the very last beat.

If this is what she’s like only half fit, then people won’t be feeling short changed when she plays at London’s O2 Arena on May 10 and 11.

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