Jamaican Bar, Law School keeping them honest – [Update]

VASCIANNIE [right]... the Law School is anxious to promote and reinforce the virtues of honest, competent and sensitive service.

JAMAICAN Bar Association Vice President Ian Wilkinson says the association plans to do further education of its members in regard to its code of ethics.

The Jamaican Bar Association will be staging seminars for its members to deal with issues, including the need for transparency when dealing with clients’ funds, the importance of keeping proper accounts and improving the lines of communication between lawyers and their clients.

Wilkinson adds that some of the seminars will be open to the public so that individuals can air their grouses, have a greater understanding of the role of, and their relationships with lawyers and in assisting the General Legal Council when required.

“Yes, the public can continue to trust lawyers who are essential to the proper functioning of any society. From my experience and knowledge, the vast majority of lawyers, both in the private and public sectors, are hard-working, honest and law-abiding people who make great contributions to the society in many respects,” he said.

For his part, the principal of the Norman Manley Law School, Professor Stephen Vasciannie said that all efforts were being made to instil the importance of honesty into the hearts and minds of student lawyers who will eventually become part of the legal workforce.

“The Norman Manley Law School is, of course, concerned whenever any lawyer has to be disciplined for reasons that have to do with dishonest practices or otherwise,” said Vasciannie. “The entire profession should redouble its efforts to ensure that integrity is the watchword in all legal matters.

“At the Law School, we have a structured course on ethics, rights and responsibilities of the legal profession, and several tutors ensure that the teaching of ethical values is inculcated in other courses across the curriculum.

“At the same time, through various socialisation processes, including presentations from distinguished members of the judiciary and the bar, the Law School is anxious to promote and reinforce the virtues of honest, competent and sensitive service. Over the years, the Law School has sought to produce lawyers of integrity, and we will continue to do so.”

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