Is The Justice System In The USA Dragging Its Feet For Trump


Is The Justice System In The USA Dragging Its Feet For Trump? According to most news media in the United States, Donald Trump has done so many criminal activities that, by now, he should be in prison.

We must recognise that Trump, an ex-President, subjected the American people to the most disgraceful behaviour. There has never been an ex-president that has undertaken more disgusting criminal activities and told barefaced lies.

There is no way that Donald Trump should ever get near the White House again. He has made it abundantly clear that the Constitution means nothing to him and will blow it up and create an autocratic society to enable him to rule the United States like North Korea, Russia and China are led.

It defiles logic to think that an Ex-President can knowingly remove classified documents in their hundreds and take them to an unsecured place and is still allowed to say he wants to be once again elected to the Presidency. Donald Trump likes to call Hilary Clinton a criminal, but from what I have read, Donald Trump is the most significant and worse criminal that ever was allowed to enter the White House.

Furthermore, the thought that Trump can threaten Judges, Attorney generals, and DOJ officials, which is seen as freedom of speech, is ridiculous and makes the United States weak and ineffective. Donald Trump, according to news media, caused an insurrection in the United States of America, and the world is still waiting for what the repercussions of that are going to be.

The American people need to wake up and recognise that Donald Trump is not the only problem they got; there are also Supreme Judges that are equally corrupt in their dealings, which is leading to a country where autocracies are just around the corner. The only thing that will save the American people is voting these bigots out of the office and allowing another Democratic party to honour the fundamentals of democracy and work for all the American people.


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