About Time Finally Donald Trump Has Been Indicted

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About Time Finally, Donald Trump Has Been Indicted. I believe this is information millions of people have been waiting for. It felt good when the media reported that Donald J Trump had been indicted for stealing thousands of security documents when he was no longer President and should certainly not be in the position of those documents.

The so-called MAGA Republicans that continue to support Donald Trumps are unaware of the threat he poses to the American people and the United States of America and its Allies.

Donald Trump is a selfish, self-centred, narcissistic individual who has no problem throwing other people under the bus if it means that it will allow him to appear that he did nothing wrong. Every one of us sometimes makes mistakes; when we find an individual that pretends that he makes no mistakes and everything he did was right, that is a narcissist that you need to stay away from and giving that kind of individual the power that a President wield is very detrimental to society.

Donald Trump will go down in history as the worst President ever to rule the United States of America. Twice impeached, he was found to sexually abuse E.Jean Carroll; his company was found to commit several violations and fraud, and he is now indicted for stealing security documents.

The premise that these MAGA Republicans should address is that no one is above the law, and in a democracy, that is the way it should be. Donald Trump is a narcissistic baby who wants nothing more than to blow up the US Constitution, allowing him to stay in power until his death.

The United States voters must ensure that Donald Trump never gets anywhere near the White House again because if he does and scholars warn us, he will destroy the US as we know it and throw the entire world into a crisis that we will never be able to come back from.



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