I beg you, do not get me started.  This is a very sore subject for me at the moment. However, I am very hearten to see how people can come together and rally with each other when there even is a glimpse that something is not right.

I bet that when Arizona  immigration laws were signed onto the statue book, the authority had no idea that it would generate such a strong feelings amongst individuals.  The laws may have been genuinely an attempt to deal with the level of immigrant that is rushing to the shores of the US.  But the manner in which it is to be implemented appear racist.

That element of the appearance of the bill is what is hard to swallow.

The United Kingdom is not above it’s fair share of immigration problems.  This has cause so much friction amongst different groups in the UK

This is my personal belief, that there is no way that the UK would survive economically if after the second world war there was not a vast arrival of Caribbean citizens coming here to help with re-building of the infrastructure, working  on railways, underground, post office you name it and these people would do it.   These are what I called first generation immigrant.  They were the placid kind.  They were here to work and improve their lives, so whatever was thrown at them they accepted.  Signed they encounter such as NO, DOGS, NO IRISH AND NO BLACKS  was a common-place but they endure all that.

The children of the first generation settlers are  different.  This second generation  will not accept any of the disrespect that their parents had endure for over three decade.  It is very difficult when, because of the colour of your skin, you are constantly questioned as to your status.  The amount of time that I am asked the same question, “where are you from”?   I am British, I reply, and then the next question is asked,  well where are you from originally?  Originally, I am British, my parents are Jamaican.  So does that make me Jamaican, hell no.

My Children are third generation British and they are even more angry than me.  They will not tolerate their status been questioned.

I get so furious with certain groups that are advocating “Britain for whites” who do they think they are?  I blame the lack of education of these group, because unless you dig deep, you cannot find any information about the Caribbean, it’s people and their contribution to the British community and culture.  Until that is done there is always going to be a few uninformed group that will always demonstrate their racist immigration views.

Governments, must have the ability to control the level of immigrants to their shores.  Citizens are always complaining to the authorities about immigrant. I agree with legislation that control the flow.  However, I cannot agree with any legislation that appear racist, target specific group and make life difficult for genuine residents.

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