How can a Judge decree that a child can be sued?

By Sandrea:-MYGRIPE

The world has gone mad, I have seen it all now, I need to be awaken because the news that I read regarding the fact that a New York Judge has decided that following a 1928 case a child of 4 can be sued for negligence.  Well I never, have we now reach a stage in human development that nothing and no one is scared anymore.

Come on, this child is 4 and yes, she unfortunately during her cycling adventure have accidentally whilst racing her bike knock an elderly woman down.  It is a very unfortunate accident and I am not diminishing the fact that this lady sustains horrible injuries and subsequently die three weeks after the accident.

However, what can be possible gained from suing a 4 year old, she does not have the ability to understand the intricacy of the law nor should she. She is a mere child  and this not like she planned to go out on her bike and deliberately knock down an elderly person, and to say that this child can be sued, is taking the law bit too far.

There are murders, kidnappers, rapist, burglars the list is endless of adults that are in the world committing unspeakable crime and instead of the justice system do something about these individuals they find time to be allowing a 4 year old to be sued.

I wonder if this Judge has children and one of them was to have the same or similar incident would he be so eager to have his daughter being sued for negligence; somehow I do not believe that Judge Wooton would be so keen to accept this decision from another judge.

Although the child was three months shy of 5 years old this is still ridiculous to allow a child to be put through these traumatic events.  Who knows what the psychological effects this will have on this child, to be told that she is going to be sued because of an accident.  Who know what long-term damage this could do to this child?

If there is a decision that require an outcry this is one.  I am not a lawyer and my knowledge of the legal system is very limited but in my opinion these kind of decision make me feel that the world has gone bonkers and we need to step back and re-evaluate ourselves.

Judge Wooton must really know what he’s doing because this strikes me as ridiculous.

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