HIV/AIDS – Miracle Cure – or Scam!!!

I received a lengthy a spiel and video links  from someone calling himself  Apostle Shada Mishe, in which he has stated that he can cure Aids.

My research into the stats for HIV/Aids shows that there are over 33.4 million people globally with HIV, Africa alone has 14 million.  The UK has roughly 105,625 HIV and about 25,470, US over 468,578  Aids victims.   I had to question the credibility of Shada Mishe, having discovered that the same  claim was made as early as January 2008, and the testimonial of this magic cure is made by the same individual.

HIV/Aids is a deadly virus it has taken the life of over a one million people, so when someone write to me and tell me that they can cure this plague a claim they have been making for two years makes me very skeptical indeed.  HIV/Aids has desimated entire village, it has left children in some part of Africa,playing the role of mother and father to their younger siblings, because their parents have succumbed to Aids.

The claim that someone could be in position of a cure for this virus and yet the world of HIV/Aids suffers continue to grow is unbelievable.

I am the last one for anyone to send these kind of claims to, as I am the most skeptical person there is and the fact that of the 400 supposedly cured by Mr Mishe, there is only two that are willing to give him accreditation makes me even more suspicious of the claims.

Scientists all over the world are working flat out to come up with a vaccine to control the disease, and they are very cautious in there findings, so I find it totally unbelievable that someone is willing to make such outlandish claim.

If Apostle Mishe, can cure HIV/Aids, he should take his remedy to the scientific community prove beyond a shadow of  doubt that he in fact can cure the disease and stop writing to individuals with his story.  I want to see a world free from this plague and I would suggest that until he can demonstate is claim to the world, he should stop giving people false hope. To do what he’s doing his cruel and unnecessary punishment to a group of people who’s plight is, not only unbearable for them, but also their families.

Mr Mishe’s Claim and  full comment can be found  in the post – Scientists Unravel Secret of HIV Resistance

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