Governments should stop laying blame

By Sandrea: – My Opinion

No one who saw the riots unfolding on their television screen could be in no doubt of the scandalous behaviours of the rioters and every decent person in this country was appalled, and rightly so.

However, the statement by the Prime Minister that there were ‘serious tactical errors’ by the police does not instil any confidence in the security forces and this is precisely the stupid and idiotic comments that politicians always make in times of crisis.  They never seems to attribute blame to themselves for their systematic erosion of social activities and the constant pressures that they put on ordinary people which are more than contributory factors to the rioting.

The criticism by the Prime Minister of the police service was not necessary and if he believes that is gave his party or is government any brownie points then he seriously misjudges the mood of the country.

Five people are dead and what should be a time when politicians and the community work together to formulate a plan to ensure that we do not see any more violence on the street of London, all that we are hearing is criticism and counter criticism and if anyone believe that this is good for the country then they are very wrong.

Although, the great majority of the British public is firmly against the rioting and understand that there can never be any justification of the carnage that we witness the government and their archaic social plans have to bear some of the responsibility for it and they should be bold enough to find solutions to the problems and that meant been critical of the police service is totally counter-productive.

Here we have a government that is talking about cuts to police spending over the next four years, and it does not, matter whether the cuts or 6% or not there is still going to be cuts and yet they have the unmitigating gall to be critical of the service, if you cut spending and decimate a service that is already stretch to the limit what does this government believes is going to happen, God forbid we have another disturbance on the street of London.

The hypocrisy of this coalition government knows no bounds they should drop their act, get back to the root cause of social problems support the security service and remember that every time they put stupid policies in place that creates social and economic crisis it is the people who they expect to put them in government that it hurts.  There are not as much rich people to vote for them it is the poor and down and out that they heavily rely on to be where they are and somehow once they reach their high offices they seems to forget that until there is an election looming then they begin to once again try to bride the general public in electing them again.

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