DNA kits slash crime rates in Manukau trial

AT&T Android Weekend Sale - Online Exclusive A DNA-based kit aimed at reducing crime has seen burglary rates fall by more than 60 per cent in a recent trial.

Burglaries in the Manurewa suburb of Randwick Park dropped 61 per cent after after 1,000 homes, businesses and schools in the area were provided with SelectaDNA kits in September.

The crime deterrent programme uses a synthetic DNA solution – which is virtually invisible – to mark personal property.

Each batch of solution is unique in its DNA makeup and once registered on a database, provides proof of ownership.

Police can detect the presence of SelectaDNA by shining a UV light onto items, causing the solution to glow bright blue.

Inspector Jason Hewett said the trial had gone a long way toward helping the community feel safer.

“We saw that SelectaDNA trials had worked well in the UK and we are pleased to see that the results of New Zealand’s first SelectaDNA trial have produced a similar outcome.”

SelectaDNA NZ director David Morrissey said the results matched those found in the UK and the Netherlands.

“Highly visible signage and word of mouth among the criminal fraternity is proving to be a very successful way to deter theft and burglary,” he said.

“We brought this product to New Zealand because we were 100 percent certain that SelectaDNA is an effective and affordable security solution.”

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