Car smashes into baby’s pram in Cheylesmore

POLICE are hunting a driver who smashed into a pram as a mum pushed her baby across a pedestrian crossing in Cheylesmore

The little boy miraculously escaped unhurt in the incident in Coventry – despite the pram being wrecked by the force of the impact. The shocking incident happened just before 7.20pm on Saturday, in Quinton Road, Cheylesmore.

Speaking to the Telegraph, the mum, who asked not to be named, said: “I was in the middle of the crossing and he was turning right – I could see him in the corner of my eye but I thought he would stop, as it was my right of way, but I soon realised he wasn’t going to.

“I pulled the pram to one side to put myself in the way of the car and my son was screaming – he could see the car coming right at us.”  Thankfully the car crashed into the wheels of the pram and both mum and son escaped unhurt.  The driver stopped briefly and was met by angry passers by, including a taxi driver who was driving behind his car at the time of impact.

But after apologising, the driver got back into his car and drove off, leaving the distressed mum and son at the side of the road and without leaving any details. The 35-year-old mum, who currently lives in London and is visiting family in the city, had just popped to the shops with her 17- month-old son for a pint of milk, when the incident happened.

Speaking about the moments before the impact, she said: “I just felt as though my whole world was about to collapse around me.  “Something was about to happen to my son. I just wanted to save him. That’s why I put myself between him and the car. “If I hadn’t moved the pram, who knows what would have happened?

“I felt attacked. I felt as though my rights as a pedestrian had been attacked by that driver.

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