How Many More Black Lives Is Enough

Unbelievable, the word that is being, used across the world as people across the United States demonstrate and community burn following the death of George Floyd.

There is no mistake this time that a police officer murdered a Black man in full view of the camera with many people watching as this police officer pressed his knees into the neck of George Floyd. George cried out in vain that he could not breathe and this so-called police officer just kept his knees firmly in George’s neck.

The despicable deed was so vicious and vile that even the UK was, subjected to thousands of people marching on the US Embassy to voice their frustration and anger.

A police officer is supposed to protect and serve, not act as vigilantes and systematically slaughter Black people. There have been numerous occasion where they have killed ‘Black’ men and women for no reasons. The fact that in most cases, they have gotten away with murdering people who did no wrong; in some cases, they are, killed in their homes.

In my opinion, the murder of George Floyd although an atrocity could be the straw the broke the camel’s back and could see for the first time in the US people of all races coming together to say enough is enough.

It is heart-warming to see police officers from various forces saying that the death of George in such a despicable way is not what policing people should be. Members of the White community voicing their disgust at that poor excuse of a person who called himself a police officer.

I hope that we can come together and say that George Floyd will be the last Black man to lose his life in such an unnecessary way. Police service all over the world and especially in the US will begin to tackle the inequality among their police officers who believe that murdering, harassing and treat Black people disrespectful is the norm.

Why Back Someone Who Break The Rules

The Coronavirus, according to the government, is so devastating that we are, told that the only way to curtail this virus is to stay at home, lockdown.

Despite the problem, thousands of people face every day we obey the government advice because we want to be, rid of this invisible killer. There is the individual that could not go to their loved ones who passed away because of the lockdown and in most part, we understood the reasons why.

Who made Dominic Cummings lord of the manor in that he believe that he has the right to disregard the rules of lockdown because as he said it was in the interest of his child. Does he know how many people had to ignore their family and friends because they were, ordered to stay at home?

In my opinion, if Dominic Cummings is allowed to disrespect rules that he helps to create then the one law for the rich and another for the poor comes into play. Again, the unfairness of how our world is and how the vast majority are, mistreated while the minority few are held to a different standard.

Then to top it off this article appears in the media today and it makes me feel sick, disgusted and furious. Read more

Is Boris Johnson Right To Be Cautious

Let me say right from the start that I do not believe everything that any Government tell me because, in my opinion, the government have a propensity to be economical with the truth.

However, is Boris Johnson right in being cautious about easing the lockdown we have in the country? Given the fact that the Prime Minister has himself recently recovered from the Coronavirus, it stands to reason that he is in a better position than most to say when he should begin to ease the lockdown.

The Prime Minister’s speech 27 April 2020, his first since he recovers from COVID 19 and resumes working. I have to say that he did make a lot of sense in that speech. It would be a travesty if he eases the lockdown too soon, and we end up with a second phase of the virus that kills more people.

Of course, the country is paying a high price economically because so many businesses have to be close. But those are things we can recover from those that are dead can never come back to us. So, while I am, fed up with the lockdown, I believe we should continue to observe the government guidelines and stay Home.

The Tragedy 2020 Brings To Us

If anybody had told us a year ago that the world was going to experience a pandemic that changed the way we live our lives, we would laugh in their face.

But we were warned, five years ago, Bill Gates predicted that the world could not adequately deal with a virus such as COVID 19. The world never listens, and five years later, we are, engulfed in the biggest pandemic that most of us will ever experience in our lifetime.

The Coronavirus has changed the way that millions live their life, we are in lockdown, only allowed to go outside for shopping, exercise, medication, or if we cannot work from home.

I am terrified not of the virus but all that the government is asking us to do. Are we in a test to see how quickly governments around the world can lock countries down and contain people like a lamb to the slaughter?

When this lockdown is, removed what are our lives going to be because anyone who thinks for one moment that we will emerge from this and go back to the way we use to live our life is living in cloud cuckoo land?

Like millions of people, I am following the criteria of the government lockdown. But, I do not believe that the government is telling us the truth, and that is where my concerns are.

I find it difficult to understand why the government believe they have to be economical with the truth when they are dealing with the public. Of course, we know that there is certain information that is not in the best interest of the public to know, especially those dealing with the security of any country. However, I do feel that when it comes to COVID 19, we are not getting the whole picture.

COVID 19 Did The Government Act Quickly

From all the information that we are getting via the media, it would appear that the Government did not act as quickly as they should to help prevent the spread of the Coronavirus.

I am also appalled that our frontline staff or almost running out of PPE equipment. The NHS is what we are relying on to help control and get rid of this unseen killer, and it would appear we are leaving them vulnerable.

One of the things I detest about governments is their ability to be economical with the truth. We can all agree that this disease has affected the entire world and most people, including governments, had not prepared for this pandemic.

However, when this virus started to affect China, you would have thought that our Government would be a little more proactive in ensuring that should it affect the UK we would be, prepared.

At the moment, we need to come together as one nation to defeat the Coronavirus, save lives and deal with the Government when we are back on our feet.

The hardship that this lockdown is causing is immense many people have found themselves in a situation that they would never have imagined and at the moment there is no end in sight. The nation have come together and decide to stay at home to prevent further spread of COVID 19, and for that, we should all be proud of ourselves.

I congratulate the staff of the NHS working in such a problematic situation and hope that they will be, given the PPE they need to do their jobs safely, protecting both their patients and family.

Coronavirus And The Worldwide Panic

From the information that we are getting through the media and other sources, the Coronavirus seems to be devastating to people in their 70’s and those with a compromised immune system.

So why is there so much panic going on in the world? Supermarket and other retail shops are experiencing panic shopping. It surprised me that we are gullible that we cannot see the woods from the trees.

The human race will survive no matter what is, thrown at us, and the only one that will eventually deal with humanity is God. There is so much misinformation, and people are not coping effectively in this time of crisis, and that is something that the Government should be addressing.

Human beings panic so quickly that it make me realise that all that any organisation needs to do to create chaos, confusion and fear is to announce that we have a common virus attacking people.

I am not saying we should not protect ourselves when we are, told of a crisis but hurting people because we believe that they are the cause of our problems is wrong.

People get reality grip there is virus all around us every day, so stop your panic, be kind to your neighbour and you will survive the Coronavirus, as we did Sars 2004, Avian 2008, Swine 2010, Mers 2012, Ebola 2018 and Corona 2020.

Television Licence For Over 75 To be Withdrawn

I am always amazed at the level of ways in which the British electorate think.

Looking at the last election result where the electorate gave the Conservative Government an overall majority in the house of Commons made me realise that UK elections are not about the frail, homeless, unemployed, weak and vulnerable of society it is about selfishness.

How can the electorate ignore the fact that this government is anti-senior citizens, against the concept of the NHS, only interested in those that are already wealthy and do not need the resources of the government, leave me speechless?

When I look at the UK voters, I come to recognise that they are selfish people who only care about what they think they can get for themselves and there need to destroy the European Union by coming out of Europe.

The vast majority of 75-year-old in this country or poor pensioners already struggling to meet their everyday needs and now this heartless Conservative government want to put them in more poverty by paying television licence to the BBC for the crap they put out. How disgusting can this government get?

What was once a standard operation, you are 75 you are exempt from paying television licence. It now becomes a mean tested claptrap aimed at causing more distress to people who most have worked all their life and cannot even live out the rest of their life without governments like these Conservative heartless people trying to hasten them into their graves.

2020 Expectations Are High

Expectations are high in 2020, but I believe that many of us are in for a great disappointment.

Firstly, the general election won by the Conservatives. Giving Boris Johnson not just an overall majority but an extra 80 so more MP’S and he can do what he like pass any laws he desires, and there is nothing to stop him, and that is not what democracy is all about.

My prediction for 2020 under a Conservative government is this. The decimation of the NHS, Welfare and benefit systems, more extended hospital wait, increase in the retirement age and many more people committing suicide because they are unable to cope under this government.

The electorate gave the Conservative a mandate, so they have to live with the consequences of their actions. The already rich will be a more prosperous small business will be devastated, and unemployment will rocket. There will be more homeless on our streets, and criminal activities will soar.

To be able to cope when the bad times come, you have to have faith in God and know that this turmoil is human-made and will not last. What you will see happen in this country is just a prediction of the Bible and the word of God.

UK Election Understanding What You are Voting For

The vast majority of the electorate does not understand the power they hold, in my opinion. Voters can determine their future if they are wise and recognise the enormous problems that we have in the United Kingdom.

Looking at facts rather than fiction, the NHS is one of the greatest assets that we have in the United Kingdom. Everyone is treated the same at the point where they need medical care. If the Conservative have their way, they would have an American system of health care where only the very rich can get the kind of medical healthcare they need. They have the resources to pay for their health care, we get health care irrespective of our ability to pay, because of our national insurance contribution.

According to a media report, a child becomes homeless in the UK every eight minutes. Read more here

The government is there to not only run a country effectively but can unite the country. When you have a racist government then, of course, there is going to be constant conflict within the nation. There are more impoverish electorate than there are wealthy voters. The power to determine the future is in your hands, take time to recognise that if you vote in a counterproductive government you have to live with that decision for five years and most will not make it through the five years.

Apart from the NHS, the Conservatives, in my opinion, have devastated the welfare system, and give over 500 million to private firms to withdraw benefit from people who needed the help. All of those people they turned down won their appeal, some, unfortunately, commit suicide because of the position they were placed in by the government and their crony companies.

People use this election to vote for a party that you know always put people; first, you may not like the leader of the party, but you know that your life will be much better under a government that is not Conservative, in my opinion.

What Can Be Expected From Yet Another Election

The reason that Boris Johnson calls this election is to see if he can get a majority in the house of Parliament so that he can push through Brexit.

One of the things I find amazing about politicians is their ability to go to any lengths to deceive the voting public. And on many occasions, they succeed because as the most potent force in this world; we do not take the time to recognise when we are blind-sided.

The electorate has the power to decide our future and what we want from our politicians. Yet we fail on so many occasions to do just that. If you believe in social justice, the NHS, equal rights for everyone and a welfare system that caters for those in need, why would you cast your precious vote for a Conservative government?

When the independent wrote an article whereby it states that two private companies made 500 million pounds assessing fitness to work, it demonstrates the levels at which the Conservative government is disgraceful.

Read more here:

In my opinion, Capitalism is, geared at those who already have so much. Not the needs of the massive, people get on board and choose a government that is for the people.