Angel Delight actor guilty of doctor Green Park murder

A former child model and his friend have been found guilty of murdering a doctor in a robbery in central London while they were high on drugs.

Nadim Gulamhuseinwala, 32, was attacked in the early hours of 25 July last year as he walked home through Green Park. He was hit with a 10kg cast iron fence pole and his face was stamped on, the Old Bailey heard. He died days later. Thomas Connor and William Paton, both 20 and from Orpington, Kent, were also found guilty of robbery.

Connor, of Custismill Way, had been the face of Angel Delight dessert when he was a child model. He said he had been “teased and tormented” when children at school found out his face was on the instant pudding packet. The trial heard how Dr Gulamhuseinwala had been drinking after work with a friend in the Funky Buddha nightclub on the night of the attack. He was walking home at about 0400 BST when he stopped near railings in Queen’s Walk, in Green Park, to phone his girlfriend, Rebecca Bott.

He assured her he would take a taxi but added he was enjoying the night air and she described him as “sounding happy”. “He said he was jealous of me being in bed as he was tired,” said Ms Bott. “He started saying something else then there was two to three seconds of white noise.” She added: “I panicked but then I thought his battery had died as it had done in the past. “I didn’t try to ring him again because I thought he would be home in 20 minutes and he would ring or text me to say he had got home safely. I tried to stay awake but I fell asleep.”

‘Towering rage’

At 0630 BST Dr Gulamhuseinwala’s mother rang to say he had been attacked and his condition was critical. The court heard how Paton, of Clarendon Way, and Connor had taken cocaine and had been drinking in a club called the Strawberry Moons that night.

Dr Nadim Gulamhuseinwala

Dr Nadim Gulamhuseinwala died two weeks after the attack

Connor then withdrew £90 from a cash machine before being robbed in Soho after approaching a woman they thought was a prostitute. “This seems to have driven him into a towering rage,” said Mr Andrew Edis QC. “He was angry.”

The pair then walked through the alleyways of St James’s to Queen’s Walk. They sat on a park bench and, when they saw Dr Gulamhuseinwala, they ran 100m towards him. Connor picked up the post and threw it at him. Dr Gulamhuseinwala died in hospital two weeks later, on 5 August, from a severe head injury. He had been posted to the United States and flown in from New York just hours before he was attacked. After the verdicts, Dr Gulamhuseinwala’s mother Veronika, 62, said: “Nadim was a brilliant person. “We were a perfectly normal, happy family before Nadim was killed and now we are broken. He was so big-hearted and incredibly loving.

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