Ali al-Megrahi – An Error of Judgement

By Sandrea:-MY GRIPE

Abdul Baset Ali al-Megrahi, should have died in either Glasgow or the Netherlands prison, instead he his living the high life.  Driving around in Lamborghini, and building another mansion. This does not strike me as a man who is going to die anytime soon.

This behaviour is an insult to the people who were blown apart on that fateful Pam Am flight which not only murder the people aboard the aircraft but people on the ground at Lockerbie.  The error of judgement that allow this monster to be freed and enjoying a life style that the people he murdered had no opportunity to ever achieve is disgraceful and the Scottish Government should be ashamed of them self.

How could it be possible for a terrorist to be able to blindfold the authority in allowing him to walk away from the heinous crime that he committed? It did not matter that he may or may not have been diagnose with cancer, there are many inmate doing prison time that have cancer, HIV, Aids and other life threatening diseases and they are not allowed to go free under so-called compassionate leave, so what made Ali al-Megrahi so special that he could be part of one of the worst air disaster of modern time and was not allowed to rot in prison.

I cannot begin to comprehend how the families who have lost their children, husbands’ wives and friends are coping with the news that this monster is going about his daily life as if the chaos and terrorist act that he committed meant nothing and the lives that he has taken away amount to squat.

It makes me downright furious to believe that any intelligent society can or would allow this kind of blatant injustice.  I could not care less when Ali al-Megrahi was on his death-bed he should have died in prison buried in an unmarked grave and be erased from human race as if he never was, but alas he is in Libya enjoying life and must be laughing his filthy head off at how easy it was to dupe the authority.

I hope the day will come when he will be judge for the crimes he has committed against humanity and that he will not have any opportunity to pull the wool over the eyes of that judge.  He should remember that regardless of the fact that human error has allowed him to be freed that he will eventually have to face a higher authority and he will pay fully for the dastardly deed that he was charged and convicted for.

If as a society we believe that everyone should be released from prison because they supposedly have life threatening disease then why not just open the prison gates and allow all those inmates with various diseases to just stroll out and then we can justify it and wrapped it up as being compassionate, but of course, we would not do that because it goes against human decency to know that the people in prison who have murdered and caused mayhem to other should be locked away because they have forfeit their right to live among decent human being.

Ali al-Megrahi should have been treated with the same contempt that we feel for all those other prisoners that have committed crimes against humanity.  To say I am furious is putting it mildly, I cannot believe we are so gullible in allowing this murderer any kind of compassion when he did not show any compassion for over two hundred people that he snuffed out their lives.

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  1. But Mr Magrahi did not carry out the Lockerbie bombing.

    That was carried out by the US and Iran designed to given Iran its revenge for the detruction od IR655, deliberately shot down by the US Navy on CIA orders.

    Charels Norrie

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