Ackee warning

Bureau of Standards urges caution in purchasing canned fruit

THE Bureau of Standards Jamaica is cautioning members of the public, particularly retailers and hoteliers, to be on the alert when purchasing ackees in brine.

The advisory makes specific reference to Santa Cruz Processors in Brae’s River, St Elizabeth, where a recent surveillance inspection revealed that the establishment is operating in contravention of the Processed Food Act.

The company is therefore not authorised to process canned ackees in brine for distribution or sale, and its products are unsafe for consumption and should not be traded, the bureau said.

The bureau said following the inspection, a Notice of Detention was issued for seizure of the canned ackees, however, these were unlawfully removed from the establishment.

“These products are not coded or tested, and the Bureau of Standards Jamaica cannot guarantee their wholesomeness,” a release today said.

The Bureau of Standards is an agency of the Ministry of Industry, Investment and Commerce charged with protecting consumers through standardisation, measurements and regulations.

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