13-year-old tells jury she was raped in reserve

Aukustino Fa'atafa denies all five charges against him.

A court yesterday heard a 13-year-old girl tell how she was forced to smoke cannabis before being raped by a man she had met while walking in a park.

The girl, who cannot be named for legal reasons, was walking home from the dairy when she met Aukusitino Fa’atafa, 35, in Pt Chevalier on Easter Sunday last year.

She had been given 60c by her father to buy lollies, and Fa’atafa was trying to find his way home after a “big night out”, the High Court at Auckland heard yesterday.

Fa’atafa is charged with rape, two counts of sexual violation, one of detaining without consent and supplying cannabis to a minor. He pleaded not guilty, stating it was consensual and instigated by her.

Crown prosecutor Fionnghuala Cuncannon said Fa’atafa saw the girl and called out to her. She told him she was 13.  He said she reminded him of his little sister and asked if he could hang out with her, Ms Cuncannon said.  They walked together along a path to a BP service station, where Fa’atafa bought a pie, two bottles of V and cigarettes.

The girl said she asked for help from a woman at the service station, who didn’t assist her, instead saying: “Just stay away from him.”

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