Woman kills her 19-year-old niece in jealous rage

Woman kills  her 19-year-old niece in jealous rage

A jealous wife gunned down her 19-year-old niece because she was upset at how her husband was looking at her.

42-year-old Evelyn Burgess fatally shot her teenage relative during a Easter celebration as she grew increasingly jealous of the attention the pretty teen was getting from her husband.

Burgess of Ohio, United States, claims that she only retrieved the gun to “prove a point”  Speaking to police at the scene she said: “I didn’t mean to do it… I tried to get my gun to prove a point

“We was arguing, I tried to get my gun to prove a point, they got the rifle with me and it went off.” She said.  It is believed that the fight broke out between the pair because of the figure-hugging clothes Pickens had chosen to wear. Danielle’s older sister Ralinda Pickens soon broke up the fight and placed her sister in her car.

The girls were sitting in the car when Burgess came running up with a gun, reached inside the car, pulled Danielle by the hair and shot her as she tried to seek shelter under Ralinda.  According to Ralinda, Burgess then walked back inside her house, sat down on a couch, told people what had happened and waited for the police.

Family members of both women said that Danielle’s choice of clothing was well known among relatives, with the petite Pickens often wearing short skirts to family gatherings.  Her uncle Tico Pickens said: “The way she was dressed that day is the way she always dressed, and everybody knew that,” said Tico Pickens, 33. “It wasn’t like she meant any harm toward nobody by doing it. It was just comfortable to her.”

Evelyn Burgess was angry with Danielle over her outfit and accused her of flaunting her looks around other men at the party, including Burgess’ husband, Ralinda Pickens said.  Jealous Burgess is charged with one count of murder, with bail set at $500,000 following a court appearance last week.  Burgess, who appeared without legal representation, didn’t say anything at the hearing but her husband, Kevin Burgess, said his wife was doing all right when asked by reporters outside his house. He declined to comment further.

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