Woman accused of killing newborn twins out of jail

GALLATIN, Tenn.—A young Tennessee woman accused of killing her newborn twins has been released from a jail in Gallatin on a $250,000 bond, walking out in the company of her father.

Twenty-five-year-old Lindsey Lowe left jail in Tennessee’s Sumner County with her father escorting her, his arm draped about her shoulders. Broadcaster WTVF-TV reported that the woman’s family had secured a property bond set earlier by a judge and she was released into the custody of her parents.

Police have said Lowe hid her pregnancy and then suffocated her twin boys last week to keep her parents from hearing their cries at her home in Hendersonville.

Calls by The Associated Press to the woman’s home were not immediately answered.

The woman’s supporters had packed a court hearing Monday and several testified on her behalf, describing Lowe as a sweet and humble person who is widely loved and respected. That testimony came during a bond hearing for the woman, who was arrested last week after authorities reported her father had found the body of one of the baby boys in his daughter’s laundry basket.

On Monday, Mark Lowe defended his daughter in court, saying, “Lindsey is a model daughter and we love her very much. She’s as good as it gets.”

Lowe said in that hearing that his daughter had lived at home since graduating from Western Kentucky University and had only gotten her first fulltime job about two months ago, working in billing at a dental office. She spent much of her time taking care of her mother, who had a brain tumor several years ago that had reoccurred in April.

Lindsey Lowe hung her head through much of Monday’s testimony, hiding her face with her hair.

The woman told Hendersonville Police Det. Steve Malach she delivered the babies at home on the toilet and killed them so that her parents would not hear their cries, according to Malach’s affidavit filed with the court.

Police have said they are working to determine the father’s identity.

Lowe’s attorney, John Pellegrin, said the woman was engaged to be married, but he was waiting on the autopsy report to say anything definitive about who the father of the children was.

Authorities said Lowe is charged with two counts of first-degree murder.

District Attorney General Ray Whitley said after Monday’s hearing that prosecutors could pursue the death penalty, life without parole, or life with parole.

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